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There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere. - Isaac Asimov

Sabine Peridot
20. Student. 0672 246 357.

3rd Year Science Student at Lumiose Labs
Past: Lilycove City Academic High

Lives in: Lumiose City, Kalos
From: Lilycove City, Hoenn

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Anonymous asked: Is it true that you took your students on an excursion to Azure Bay and one of them almost drowned?
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sabine-x-adventure asked: "One hundred thousand PokeYen," Sabine announced, slapping down the envelope LeRoux had sent her between their plates at dinner, "Unbelievable. No note either. No apology. Nothing about Okaasan's condition. It's obviously way more than the cost of the ultrasound and blood tests." She ran her fingers through her hair before picking up her cutlery and cutting into her dinner, "He does this every time something bad happens."
mark-pkmn-adventure said:

"…" Mark stared at the envelope, feeling a bubbling hatred inside of him. Buying his daughter’s forgiveness? He would throttle the man if he weren’t half of Sabine’s genes.

"I," He stared, lifting one end of the wad of paper. "Am going to give this back to him. It’s worthless, no matter how much money is in here." It would make for a nice message that he wasn’t forgiven as well. "If you’d allow me to, of course. I was going to pay for your medical expenses anyways." He released the money, allowing it to just rest on the table, before sitting back and cutting into his own supper. 

Chicken. He smirked at the irony, stabbing the white meat with his fork. Just like her father.

Sabine chewed quietly, eyeing the cash as Mark spoke. It was tempting to just keep it, like she had all those other times. She lived on a student allowance so the pity money from her dad was always bittersweet. For a few months she could live a little more comfortably.

"Really, I never expected you…" Sad grey-greens greeted blues, "- to pay for it. It’s not your fault that I might…" Her words faded and she chewed the inside of her mouth instead.

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Send me “&” for my muse’s reaction to yours tracing one of their scars.

Wearing two layers while walking around Lumiose City all day had been a very, very bad idea, Tange mused.

She’d been wearing the outfit she’d recently bought at the boutique pretty often, having been excited that she’d finally saved up enough money for it. It probably would have been a better idea to take off the vest, but instead, Tange had just rolled up the sleeves of the shirt. She’d been a bit surprised that they’d gone most of way up her shoulders — not all the way, but she was still probably stretching her sleeves out quite a bit.

Eventually, Tange had stopped by Professor Sycamore’s lab, relieved for the air conditioning, and fully intended to pull her sleeves back down after she cooled off enough. She’d handed her Pokédex to the professor and asked him to bring down Juliet’s Pokéball, so Tange didn’t feel like a complete bum for using the lab to cool off.

Then Sabine had stopped by the lab, presumably to ask Sycamore about something. It had honestly taken Tange a minute to recognize her, which she felt a bit guilty about; the two had only had a handful of short conversations, after all, yet Tange still hated forgetting people’s names. It came as quite the surprise when Sabine proceeded to curiously touch the long scar on Tange’s right arm.

"That’s quite the scar, Tange. I suppose it would be prying to ask how you got it, but do be sure to take care of your injuries, won’t you?"

Tange bit her lip, trying not to yank her shoulder away — would that be rude? It was hard to tell, but Sabine did seem concerned, right? Still, she couldn’t help shivering a bit, even though she smiled at the older female.

"Y-yeah," she replied. "I will."

"Oh, Tange, here you go—"

At that moment, Sycamore stepped out of the elevator, carrying Tange’s Pokédex and her Venusaur’s Pokéball. She jumped out of her chair, pulling down her sleeves as she darted over to the professor.

Sabine’s attentive gaze lingered on Tange’s arm for a moment before the brunette took a seat and waited for Sycamore herself, and Tange breathed a sigh of relief — at least the conversation was over.