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There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere. - Isaac Asimov

Sabine Peridot
20. Student. 0672 246 357.

3rd Year Science Student at Lumiose Labs
Past: Lilycove City Academic High

Lives in: Lumiose City, Kalos
From: Lilycove City, Hoenn

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Sabine placed the phone aside before rubbing her hands down her face as if trying to bring some kind of life back to her pale cheeks.

Flipping open her diary, she penned on the best Thursday, ‘Ultrasound Appointment: 10.15am’ before shutting it quickly and pushing the book away from her.

Trembling, the girl stood to go down to the communal kitchen and make herself some tea, science magazine in hand.




Today was not like every other days, but she didn’t expect her mom to let her wear that, and just be her mascot for their bakery’s whatever it was, just for a day…


((I see your Elizabutt cosplay and I raise you a fem!BoogerDewott outfit. ))

Weena: I’mmmm… I’m not even going to apologise for that. My Tulong eats anything that moves these days. Don’t wave it around so much next time. 

Wait. You are… some sort of bakestress? *looks ravenously at the shop through the glass* Do you give out samples?

On the Proper Care and Feeding of Poison Types


"Okay!" Sandy hurried over to one of the kitchen cabinets, searching through them for a bit before giving up and bringing back a regular water glass. The more that she thought about this, the more she felt embarrassed about her lack of fancy things. Sabine seemed so refined, after all…

Once she sat back down, she removed the pokeball from her belt and hit the release. The Nidoran appeared in a flash of light, its blue ears immediately pressing back against its head as it looked at her grumpily.

"This is Domi. I’ve tried everything I could think of but he just doesn’t seem to like me," Sandy explained with a sigh, motioning at the creature. It made a snorting noise at her and turned its head up.

"Nice drop? What do you mean?" It seemed like a compliment, but she was totally lost when it came to what it could mean.

"Sometimes you may never bring a Pokemon around," Sabine murmured honestly, gulping the wine before placing it on the table and sliding off the couch to her knees. She pressed her palms against the floor and crouched, getting herself to the Nirodan’s level, "Strange colour," she offered as an afterthought.

After a moment, the student sat up to lean her weight on the heels of her feet and rubbed her damp bottom lip thoughtfully. “Sounds like you need to start doing the exact opposite of everything you’ve thought of.” She would have given the little Pokemon a scratch in the soft skin between its skull and jaw where Nidoran’s enjoyed it the most but a prick from his horn was not something to take lightly.

Sabine nudged the PokeBall she had set on the table and a dark purple Nidoking appeared, perhaps too large for the cosy apartment but she didn’t seem to have taken in that consideration. “Nice drop means it’s a good tasting wine. Ergo, you did well on your purchasing escapade.” She watched carefully as the two Pokemon sized each other up.

logan-pkmn-adventure asked: One last "hospital" trip was due today. Thankfully Sabine wasn't actually hospitalized, but she was feeling sick. Good enough reason for a visit, right? After finding his way to her room, Logan knocked on the door... and hoped she wasn't going to get upset for dropping by unexpectedly.
sabine-x-adventure said:

"Alucio, can you get that?" Sabine croaked, putting the pen from her notepad down and looking to the round Pokemon at the other side of the room. He wouldn’t have been able to hear her but his psychic powers made up for that. Amazingly, the Musharna slowly rose and hovered to the door, lazily opening it with telekinesis. The first thing that may be noticed was how cold it was inside the room.

It seemed that Sabine had begun to take advantage of her illness with books and paper spread around. Being stuck inside meant less time to get distracted from the work she needed to be doing in preparation for her third year at Lumiose Labs. Even the bruises on her arm and eye were looking much better. She didn’t look up to see who it was and was sitting on her bed in her lazy clothes, head buried in a book in one hand and twirling a pen in the other.


As Sabine began talking - or chastising him, might be a better word - Logan frowned. He opened his mouth a couple times to respond, but she would continue before he could get a word out. When she was finished, he just sat there, looking down at Karok for a few moments as he took it in. At the very least, one part stuck with him. Acting on the greater good had caused a problem. Filie had not been okay on her own with him gone. He still wasn’t really sure why, but he knew he could never let it happen again.

Finally, he managed to find his words. “I can relax just fine, because I know that, at the end of the day, I’ve likely done at least one thing that made this whole place nicer for someone to live in. I can relax just fine because I have a great set of friends who support me and hang out with me, and I have fun with them. Yeah, I’m selfless, and yeah, I like to look out for the greater good. But my friends, and my family, are what are most important to me, and if anything were to happen to them, they’d come first.

"And if I’d died in that explosion, no one would’ve said anything about me… I would’ve just been another casualty… Maybe gotten a person or two out… I dunno… but they were never trying to kill anyone… just make a statement. Why are you even worried about all this?"

He hadn’t let the “abounding goodness” line get past him either, but he didn’t really have any response to it. Nothing more than a very slight blush anyway.

Sabine felt incredibly guilty as soon as she finished talking. As he explained himself she realised that she had been wrong about him. For whatever reason, she’d thought he was a naive kid stumbling through what he thought was the right thing to do but here and now he weaved an incredibly coherent argument to which there was no rebuttal. It became clear that Logan Holden had his shit more sorted out than Sabine Peridot.

Slender hands massaged across her temples, his last words ringing in her ears. She was just as confused as he. Why was she so worried about it all? Logan and her were friends, sure, but they weren’t super close, certainly not to the point where she could start bossing his life around. “I’m sorry,” she murmured, after coving her mouth to cough then wiping her nose to snivel, “I honestly don’t know where that came from.”

Blinking hard, she leaned back and looked up to the ceiling to let out an open-mouthed sigh. “I feel like you have some kind of important role to play in this lifetime, much more so than anyone else I’ve met. So… it would be a shame to see you squander it.”

Wink Wonk [Closed, Brendan & Sabine]


Brendan looked around the room but really only paid much attention to the steaming beakers. And that was mostly a note to stay the hell away from them. He had no doubt that Sabine would make him pay for messing with them… probably using the liquids he touched.

He took the offered seat and sat sideways, making sure to face Sabine. With an utterly straight face, he reiterated his request. “I need you to teach me how to wink properly. I can’t do it. I just end up screwing up my entire face and looking ridiculous. Here, look.”

Brendan demonstrated. In the process of squeezing one eye closed, his eyebrow raised, his mouth pulled up into an openmouthed grimace, his other eye narrowed and twitched, and for some reason his ear twitched. Needless to say, he only held the expression for an instant.

Sabine took her concentration position, legs shoulder-width apart as she sat and palms on her knees facing inwards. She leaned forward slightly, mirroring his serious expression. If there was some kind of irony to it, it would have flown right over her head. Brendan spoke and then finally…

She could not have prepared for it. A hand flew over Sabine’s mouth as she attempted with all her being to stifle a laugh. Alucio hovered around from his corner, curious to what all the fuss was about and have a haughty chuckle, inhaled through his nose. “I-,” the girl lightly cleared her throat as her voice faltered, “I see.”

Sabine leaned back and crossed her arms, “How peculiar,” she commented, tapping her elbow, “It’s like all the other muscles seize up when you try and use your orbicularis oculi.”

Danish Duelists (Tag: Sabine)


Benji eyeballed the pastries perched on the desk, shooting a suspicious glare at Lykke as the Reuniclus hovered behind him. 

"You’ve had six cupcakes already,” Benji snorted as the giant blue Reuniclus twiddled his thumbs innocently. “You know we have guests coming over, right?”

Lykke slumped dramatically, sulking off towards Gladius as the Gallade leaned against the wall, examining his hands pensively as Apollo wove his way between Benji’s legs, sitting by his feet and purring pensively as they waited for the Poison trainer to appear. The rest of his team milled about the now empty gym, closed for lunch so the pair of them could have the arena to themselves. Sabine had mentioned something about a battle in her text so most of his team was out, stretched and ready. He didn’t know if Sabine was still up for it but he felt it was good to prepare for anything. 

A jingle and gentle creak of the front door alerted Benji to the arrival of his guest and Apollo flitted forward in a flash of purple light to greet her. 

"Afternoon," Benji said with a small wave, nodding to the box on the table. "Danish?"

Sabine had truly surprised herself on that day. Not a few nights before had she met with her parents and been told the news. It seemed quite obvious what one would do after finding out their mother had cancer and that they might have to. Lock themselves up and wallow in their self-pity? It’s what she had done when she was caught between two loves, it’s what she had done when she lost her two precious childhood Pokemon. So why not this time, she wondered.

A fire that had dulled within Sabine seemed to have been rekindled and she found herself suddenly desperate to prove to herself and the Holo-Feed that she wasn’t some stowaway student of the Professor. She’d got quickly to sending out lots of texts to people she hadn’t seen in a while and even lost touch with. No more moping around. Time to show people how fun Sabine Peridot could be.

The short haired girl entered through the grand doors faded blue book in hand, giving a small smile at the former ballroom that opened up before her. Today it actually looked like it was open, lights glittering against the marble and gold floors flanked by books as far as she could see. It truly was a sight to behold. A particularly clean Garbodor squeezed in behind her, politely holding his tubey hands at his front before giving a shy wave to the Espeon that greeted them.

"Oh," Sabine exhaled, fingertips gripping her bag straps as she made her way to the gym owner. She halted in front of the box on the table with wide grey-green eyes before looking up to Benji, "You really weren’t joking, were you?" Letting her brown bag slip from her shoulder and placing it onto the floor, she raised a slender finger to pick out a sparkling apricot danish and took a small bite, puff pastry and cream dissolving into her tastebuds. Her eyes widened further in a pleasant surprise, trying to not talk with food stuffed in her mouth, "Mmmm~!




Kanto Illustrations #095 - 111 - Created by Piper Thibodeau

Here is part 5 of Piper’s ongoing reimagination of the entire Pokedex! As always, Piper’s skill and creativity continue to amaze us, and this installment has some really great ones (seriously, just look at that Cubone). Make sure you follow Piper on Tumblr and Twitter for all her latest work.

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Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst [Mark/Sabine]



Sabine slowly seated by Mark’s hand on her arm. She was suddenly extremely grateful that he was there for her and also extremely guilty that her father had no one. So that’s why he had wanted her to bring a friend along, no doubt behind her mother’s back. She slowly sunk her face into her boyfriends shoulder, gripping the material around his bicep.

"I will go to surgery," Koemi ground her teeth and lost Mark’s gaze, "Hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and omentectomy. Basically removing my entire reproductive system. As well as a biopsy to take out some lymph nodes. The tumour has already metastasized which means after all that I’ll be required to undergo chemotherapy.”

Sabine shuddered against Mark, lifting her head slightly to glance to LeRoux. His audible moans had ceased but he still remained hunched over in his position, tears dripping through his fingertips onto the table. “Can we go?” she closed her eyes, whispering, unable to produce any tears of her own.

"You should have gone to the doctor when you collapsed," LeRoux shook miserably, wiping his face, "We would have been able to save you."

It seemed that Koemi no longer regarded her husband or daughter at all, keeping her full attention to Mark because he was the one in charge of Sabine now. “The main reason we needed to talk to her,” black eyes flicked to the short haired girl, “Was because now that I been diagnosed means that it is hereditary and Sabine needs to have her pelvis checked in case she’s carrying it.”

Sabine didn’t want to be near either of them any longer, as a dark feeling compressed the senses in her body and painful needles shot up her legs in anxiety. She gripped Mark tighter. Ven had only just been spared, “Not again,” she shuddered, eyes wide into the dark suit sleeve. The blonde singer had to go through this, didn’t he? What would it have been like if she knew him before he was diagnosed? He had always been the guy with the cancer because that’s how he was introduced. The guy that didn’t have long to live. At one point in his life, he had a normal life expectancy. Now, he will always be plagued by the disease that ripped through his lungs, even if it was gone.

"I don’t want it," Sabine lifted her head, glaring at her mother and trying not to give in to the suffocating clenching of her chest. "Don’t give me your contamination. Your corruption.

Koemi narrowed her eyes near apathetically, “That’s not the way you should be speaking to your dying mother.”

LeRoux hiccuped violently before rising out from his seat as if struck with some kind of eureka, “I-I know! Sabine! Y-You’re a natural chemist. You can find the cure!”

Oh,” Sabine growled through grit teeth, “I’m not your biochemistry slave.”

He didn’t seem to hear her, “See,” LeRoux looked to the side of Koemi’s head with washed-out eyes, “Sabine can save you.”

LeRoux,” she snarled, finally snapping her head in his direction. He slammed back into his seat like a good pet, “I don’t want to be saved.”

Sabine’s hand finally grasped Mark’s elbow, tugging him out of the chair silently as her father crumbled once more under his wife’s nihilistic words.

Mark didn’t understand Sabine’s parents. He didn’t understand them at all. He’d felt contempt for his own father for his cruelty, but this? This was beyond cruel. And Mark wasn’t talking about her mother.

He looked Koemi’s stern face in the eye as she spoke, and felt something inside of himself tear just a little bit. He could lose Sabine to her fucking reproductive system, just like he did Eva. He wouldn’t even have had a part in it this time; it might just end up trying to take her from him on it’s own.

Mark let himself be pulled up by Sabine, not wishing to be there any longer than he need to. However, he paused, glaring at them both. “Mr. Peridot, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t try to dump such a painfully heavy and impossibly difficult task onto your daughter’s shoulders. I understand that you’re losing your wife; I lost mine as well. But don’t you fucking make it worse for your child!” He snarled, furious, though his posture remained relaxed and his clenched hands hid in his pockets.

He turned to her mother and bowed, shallow enough to almost be considered an insult rather than respectful. “I’m not about to let my love die on my watch. You might have accepted death, but I’m not going to lose anyone to any form of cancer if I can help it.” He’d take her to the hospital kicking and screaming if he had to. “You could show a little damned sympathy for what your so called loved ones are feeling.”

"Snap out of whatever agony and apathy you’re feeling and realize that you’re not the only ones who are affected by this.” His voice was starting to come from deep in his chest, deeper and far more intimidating than how he usually sounded and realized he needed to leave soon. He’d need to vent after Sabine fell asleep that night… if she did at all.

With and angry growl, but a hand unwilling to hurt a loved one, Mark grasped Sabine’s hand moved to leave the house, taking her with him. She didn’t deserve this. Francis being a bitch, school stress, and her confusing relationship with Ven were more than enough problems for one person without piling a dying mother on top of it.